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Wetsuit jacket, wetsuit top or just wetsuit vest

“…when the cold surfing is not that cold.” – surffanatic / Photo source: Freepick

The wetsuit vest is an excellent choice when the cold surfing is not that cold. Usually made from neoprene, wetsuit tops come in different designs each having it’s pro and cons. For example, there’s the wetsuit vest with zipper that comes with a front or back zipper.

If the surf gets colder, a heated vest can be an option. Also, a hooded vest gives extra cold protection. The latest is basically the combination between a wetsuit top and wetsuit hood. If you need more than that, probably a full wetsuit is what you want.

When the surf gets really cold, surfers use a neoprene vest under the full wetsuit. This is a common practice in scuba-diving. It reduces the mobility but hey, it’ll keep you warm! And that’s what you want, right?