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How to choose your surf fins

How to choose your surf fins as a surfing begginer

When choosing your surf fins as a beginner, keep in mind the following factors: stability, control, and ease of use. When the surfboard fins provide the level you need for each of these factors, the you found the perfect fins for you!

“When you start surfing it seems like all the fins look the same, right? Well, they’re slightly different.” – surffanatic
Foto de Chris Rosiak on Unsplash

Here are some tips on what to consider when choosing your surfboard fins:

1. Size

Same as with the surfboard, bigger surf fins offer more stability and are easier to control. That’s what makes them a good choice for beginners. Look for fins that are medium to large in size.

2. Flexibility

Stiffer surfboard fins offer more control and responsiveness, but can be harder to use for surf beginners. Softer fins, on the other hand, are more forgiving and easier to use, but may not provide as much control. Consider fins with a medium level of flex for a balance of control and ease of use.

3. Shape

When you start surfing it seems like all the fins look the same, right? Well, they’re slightly different. The shape of the fins can affect how they perform in the water. As a beginners, you should look for fins with a balanced template – which means they have a moderate angle, and a medium-sized base and tip.

4. Material:

When it comes to what fins are made of, most surf fins are made of either plastic or composite materials. On one hand, plastic fins are more affordable and durable, no doubt about it. On the other hand, composite fins are typically more expensive but offer better performance. For beginners, good-quality plastic fins will do the job!

RECAP – When buying your surfboard fins take into consideration the main factors: stability, control and ease of use. Keep in mind the size, flexibility, shape and the material fins are made of. Take your time to understand the world of fins, as buying stuff just for having it it’s no good: not for you, not for the environment and not for the waves.