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Most wanted surfing essentials

“Surfing essentials are the ones you can’t surf without.” – surffanatic
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

What are the surfing essentials?

Surfing essentials are the ones that you can’t surf without. These surf essentials will become part of your everyday surfer life. The basic surfing gear includes the same surfing essential items regardles of where you live on the planet. We’ll keep this simple!

When you say surfing you say surfboard. When you say surfboard, you also say: surfboard fins, surfboard leash and surfboard traction pad. Depending on various factors, you choose the best surfboard fins for your board. The surf leash is a must have for a beginner surfer. Make sure you get a good beginner surf leash! A full traction pad will help you with less waxing.

Do you prefer waxing? A tail pad is good enough then. For the rest of the board use an eco-friendly surf wax! If we all do that, we do our best to keep the ocean alive. Once in while use the wax comb to make the most of the used wax! Recycling and reusing are the way to go for a conscious surfer.

The sun also affects your board, so until you get home and give it a nice rinse with sweet water you better cover it. You can use one of those surfboard bags or surf socks. The same theory applies for your skin. Make sure your surf rash guard has a good ultraviolet protection factor. Remember! Fun stays fun as long as everything stays safe!

Learn once, know forever!

Who needs the surfing essentials and why?

Anyone who wants to surf needs the surf essentials. If you want to join the “anyone who wants to surf” crew, then you need the surf essentials too. Why do you need them? Because without these basic essentials you can’t surf. Simple as that! So yes, anytime and everytime you want to surf these surf essentials are needed.

When and where are the surfing essentials needed?

Imagine you live on a heavenly island with sun 360 days a year, coconuts everywhere and warm water most of the year. Add a kicking surf break at a walking distance. You are all day long in shorts, there’s no need for shoes and life is pretty simple. Perfect! Right? Surfing essentials here include just a couple of things besides your surfboard. This kind of islands exist, i’ve been on some of them.

But most of us don’t live on an island, but some of us do surf in relatively warm climate or warm time of the year. So having these conditions in mind, the basic surfing essential are the same. As the water gets colder surfing essential gear changes. Have a look at the “cold surfing” section of our website.

How to choose your surfing essentials?

Surfing essentials are chosen depending on different factors. These factors apply for surfing beginners, indermediate or advanced surfers. Based on real-world facts we summarized these factors as it goes:

0. Understand the surfing essentials

Before investing energy, time and money in it, we advise you to “read the instructions”. I’ll try to saty positive about this: most beginners choose the “not the best” gear, for “not the most indicated” surf spot and spend money at “not the best moment”. Go through the Learn once, know forever! section and understand the esentials first. Knowing what these essentials are and what they do, will boost your motivation and your learning curve!

1. Money

Most people (who don’t surf) think that surfing is an expensive sport. It can be, but it’s not a must. Some of the gear when you begin surfing might be second hand or even free if you live in a surfing area. Everything depends on you: how and what you want to spend your money on. Waves are (still) free. Getting to the waves… well, that’s another story.

2. Where you surf

Where do you surf? The wave type and water temperature determines most of the gear you’ll buy.

EXTRA TIP: “Where’s the waves, dude?” – I mean, how far is the surf spot from where you live? Do you walk to it, drive, ride a bike, car, bus, train or plane to get to it? That’s an extra cost you should have in mind. Also, think about the time needed to get there.

3. When you surf a.k.a. TIME

Personally, I think this is the most important factor. How often will or do you surf? Everyday? Twice a week? Weekends? It’s important to think about it! Get this as it is: any amount of surf will do you good! However, it’s important to be aware of it. Not only that you’ll invest energy and money in it, but your learning curve depends on it also.

Wrap up

Let’s wrap things up! Specifically, the basic surf essentials when surfing in relatively warm weather are: surfboard, surfboard fins, surfboard leash, surfboard traction pad, surfboard wax and the rash guard. Anyone who wants to surf needs the surf essentials because without them surfing is not possible. The essentials mentioned in this article are needed in a relatively warm climate or time of the year. To make sure you choose the right ones for you, we advise you to visit Learn once, know forever! section of this article.

Enjoy the waves!