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Surfboard types

“Different riders, different types of surfboards.” – surffantic
Photo by tatonomusic on Unsplash

Shortboard (5′-7′) – quick to maneuver, has a ppointed nose and a rounded or squarish tail.  Due to it’s lower buoyancy it’s harder to catch waves.

Longboard (9’ – 12’) – A long, single fin board, recommended to have regardless of your age or surfing level. They are the perfect board for a beginner. Due to their substantial buoyancy, they are extremely fun, easy to paddle, stable, and perfect to catch any wave earlier the any other surfboard.  The only ones around when the surf is really small.

Fish (5′-6’6″) – As the name says it, they have a fish thing in them and that’s the tail. Besides the fish or swallow tail shape the fact they’re a bit wider, they’re similar to shortboards. A fish board is perfect for medium/ small and a bit slow surf and that’s to their stability. Good for any level once you get to ride waves.

Funboard (6.5′-9′) – The fun board is a combination of longboard and short board when it comes to design and attributes. They vary in shape and thickness but they’re designed with one thing in mind. Fun! They’re great for beginner-intermediate level transition, or from a longboard to a shortboard surfing. If you switched to a shortboard but you feel like you’re not ready yet, go for a funboard. They’re stable, allows you to catch waves easily than with a shortboard. At the same time, they’re easy to maneuver and do bottom turns. 

Gun (7′- 12’) – Any kind of gun is not to play with. They’re long and thin and come with different fins setup. A gun board is for an experienced surfer as they’re designed to ride huge and powerful waves

Hybrid (6’ – 8’) – these board have a more rounded profile. Like the name says it’s a hybrid between a long board and a shortboard. They’re a shorter longboard with a shortboard nose. Similar to the fun boards, they’re great for beginners and they’re great for enjoying waves where a normal shortboard or longboard can’t do it.