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Surfboards, surf boards or just boards

“…the surfboard is the number one surf essential you can’t surf without.” – surffanatic / Photo by surffanatic created with A.I.

Surf beginner surboards’ guide

No doubt about it, the surfboard is the number one surf essential you can’t surf without. A surfboard is nothing more than a plank that is used to ride waves. Surf boards come in different shapes and sizes. Even though they’re quite light, surfboards are strong enough to support the surfer standing on it while riding waves.

With so many surf boards to choose from, it’s normal to ask yourself about how to choose a surfboard. Other common questions when buying your first, and second… and third board might be: what surfboard should I buy? Or what size surfboard should I get?”.

At surffanatic we believe that knowledge brings understanding. Understanding and experience make you wise. That is why we want you to understand what a surfboard is. We promise that, once you do that, you won’t look at a surf board the same again! Go through the articles below and at the end of the day, you’ll just know what surfboard to buy!

Learn once, know forever!