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Surfboard wax, surf wax or just wax

“Wax on, wax off!” – surffanatic
Photo by Fei Chao on Unsplash

Surf wax was alien to me before exploring surfing. While watching surfers I was wondering why the surfboard has that thing on it. Later I’ve learned that “the thing” is called wax.

The same questions and other, friends discovering surfing had for me later. “What is the surf wax?” or  “Why do surfboards need wax?”. Other curiosities were about how to apply surfboard wax or how to clean wax off surfboard.

As a beginner surfer it’s absolutely normal to have these questions. Once you have the knowledge, it’s also normal to share it! Here I share everything there is to be known about surfing wax!

What is it and what does surfboard wax do?

Surf wax is basically a sticky, slightly greasy substance that is applied to the deck of a surfboard. Basically is wax that can be natural and/or synthetic. Normally, it’s a mix of paraffin and beeswax with artificial or natural scents. Conscious surfers promote natural alternatives that contain organic substances like beeswax, vegetable and essential oils, pine resin and tree pulp.

Why do you wax a surfboard? Someone asked me when saw waxing my board the other day. You might have the same question: why do surfers wax their boards? Well, it increases the grip and provides traction for the surfer. It helps when you paddle out to the line without slipping off the surfboard and it helps stand up on the board and do your moves. 

After all these questions there might be one that still rings in your mind: how do I choose the right surf wax? Well, I encourage you to go through the articles below and explore a bit more about the surf wax! Once you do that, you’ll just know which wax is the right wax! Wax on, wax off!

Learn once, know forever!