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Surfboard wall rack or surfboard wall mount for surfboard storage

“…the best way to store your board.” – surffanatic
Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels

The surfboard wall rack or surfboard wall mount is the best way to store your board. Without a doubt, surfboard storage has a huge influence on how long your board will last. In this situation, we share with you the best, safe and secure ways to store your surfboards. Hopefully, this will save you of board cracks and ding repairs.

How do you store a surfboard indoor? Well, think about it! You can store your board in the garage. The surfboard rack for garage wall comes in handy here. As long as the boards are safe and look nice, the living room and the bedroom are great places

There are two basic ways to store your surfboards: vertical and horizontal. Remember how boards are displayed in a surf store? The vertical surfboard wall rack will help you store your boards vertically. However, on a horizontal surfboard wall rack the board is stored with the deck against the wall. The board looks like a painting on a wall. That gives it a “work of art” vibe, right?

The best surfboard wall rack

There’s a best surfboard wall rack for every surfer out there. My best surfboard wall mount might not be your favorite one and it is quite obvious why. Because we’re unique, our boards may be different and so might be the surfboard storage place. Altogether, when choosing between surf wall racks there are some basic things to think about:

  • Surfboard storage place limits:  how limited it is in height and width.
  • Accessibility: you want your board to be accessible not only to look good on display.
  • Money: how much can you spend? Why not diy? There are so many surfboard rack ideas out there.