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Surfboard leash, surf leash or just leash

“…the surf leash is a life saver” – surffanatic
Photo by Murilo Fonseca on Pexels

Surf beginner surboard leash guide

The surfboard leash is one of the surf gear’s essentials. Maybe one day you won’t need it or you choose to surf without it. Meanwhile, for beginner and intermediate surfers, it’s a time and energy saver. Even more, in some situations the surf leash is a life saver. If you ask yourself “how long should a surfboard leash be?” or “how to attach a surfboard leash?” you came to the right place. Here we’ll share everything there is to be known about the surf leash.

Surffanatic tips:

Beginner – A longer leash at the beginning helps to keep your board away from you when you fall. The same rule applies if you ride bigger waves.

Intermediate – A shorter leash means less drag and that helps a lot when waves are smaller than usual.

Once again, knowledge brings understanding. Understanding and experience make you wise. Understand what a leash is and you’ll make the most of having one! Go through the articles below and at the end of the day, you’ll just know what leash is the right leash!

Learn once, know forever!