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Surfboard carry and storage

image-of-a-working-space-with-a-computer-table-and- chair-and-the-left-corner-is-dedicated-to-surfboard-carry-and- stoarge
“There’s a corner of your home where you store your surfboard.” – surffantic / Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

What is surfboard carry and storage?

Surfboard carry and stoarge is what you need to know once you have your own board and surfing essentials. Now it’s time to surf! Woohoo! You’ll notice that in a strange way you’ll get attaced to your fisrt board (that you’ll never forget). Well, in between sessions, your gear needs to be taken care of and stored safely – and that what stoarge means.

There are nine billion ways to live and a few dozens to carry and storage your surfboard. We’ll share the ones we foud to be the most easiest and affordable. Hopefully in this section you’ll discover you own way to do it. Duck dive in!

Learn once, know forever!

Surfboard carry

The first part of the “surfboard carry and storage” is the “carry” part. There many and different items out there to do this, the most common being the human body. Extensions however, help a lot.

Surf bags or surfboard straps

Surfboard bags not only protect your board from the sun, but also help you carry your board everywhere. If you don’t have a bag there’s another way: straps, baby! Surfboard straps! The easiest way to carry your board by walking. Strap the board, backpack on, and see you all later! I’m going surfing!

Surfboard Bike Racks and Car Racks

Let’s say the surf point is not that close to your location and you’re biking or driving. Well, here’s where surfboard racks come in handy. If you’re biking, a surfboard bike rack or a surfboard bike trailer will do the job. Do you have to drive? The surfboard straps for roof rack or soft surf rack and will help you secure your surfboard on the roof of your car. Today you are surfing, and everyone knows it!

Surfboard Storage a.k.a. “the surf altar”

The last part of the “surfboard carry and storage” is the storage part. There’s a corner of your home where you store your surf gear and that corner becomes the surf altar. Sometimes, the garage transforms into a surf temple. One way or another you need to take care of your gear and to store it right!

The surf racks and surf stands, come in different shapes and for different uses: surfboard racks for garage, surfboard rack for wall, horizontal surfboard rack, etc.

How to choose your surfboard carry and storage items?

As everything else in lfie, these items are chosen depending on different factors. Once again, these factors apply for surfing beginners, indermediate or advanced surfers. Based on real-world facts we summarized these factors as it goes:

0. Understand the surfing essentials

Understanding these carry and storage essentials will help define which ones to choose; which ones go with your own style, your own expression when it comes to surfing. Review the Learn once, know forever section in order to do that.

1. Money

You and only you decides how and what you want to spend your money on. Will you go creative and DIY when it comes to surfboard racks, surfboard slings or straps? As long as you and your board stay safe, why not? It has to be efficient, regardless the price.

2. Where you store a.k.a storage space

Some of us have a corner of a room to store our surf gear; others have an entire garage. Think about you! How big it’s your space? What is the best way to store your surfing gear in the space you have?

3. Where you surf a.k.a how you get to the waves

Where you surf determines what items you need to carry your board to the waves. I was living at some2 km away from the surfing spot a couple of years ago. My friend with his longboard found a surfboard strap to be his best friend for every walk to the surf spot. What about you? Which item will help you most?

Wrap up

Let’s wrap things up! Specifically, the basic surfboard carry and storage items are: surfboard carrier, surfboard bags, surfboard bike rack, surfboard car rack, surfboard wall rack. The items mentioned in this article are needed by any surfer who wants to keep his surfing gear safe. To make sure you choose the right items for you, we advise you to visit “Learn once, know forever!” section of this article.

Enjoy the waves!