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Surfboard carrier: surfboard carry strap, surfboard carry sling, surfboard carrying handle

“One of the most common ways to carry your board to the water.” – surffanatic / Photo by Kyle Johnson on Unsplash

The surfboard carrier makes the “board carrying” part easier. The most common ways to carry a surfboard are board under the arm or, if the arm is not long enough, board on the head. Well, a surfboard carrier, either is a surfboard carry strap, a surfboard sling or a surfboard carrying handle, makes the carrying process much easier.

The surfboard carry strap is one of the first ideas that came up regarding carrying big boards. The idea is simple: the surfboard becomes a big bag. The weight is transferred to the shoulder and it makes carrying way easier than under your arm.

Over time, the surfboard strap evolved into the surfboard carry sling. Nowadays there are plenty of models and colors to choose from. Surfboard slings not only that are fancier than the surfboard straps, but they can also have multi purposes. With a surf board sling you can carry the wetsuit along the board. Some surf slings cool features like turning into beach towels.

The surfboard carrying handle or the claw surfboard handle is different. If you think about it, the surfboard carrier handle is nothing more than an extension of your arm. Smart, right? Not to mention that it’s super handy, as it is small and requires no setup.