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Surfboard car racks, surfboard roof racks or surf car racks

“… the best way to transport your boards when you drive to the surf spot.” – surffanatic / Photo by Brandi Alexandra on Unsplash

Surfboard car racks are the best way to transport your boards when you drive to the surf spot. Transporting boards inside or on the top of your car can be tricky. Not to mention that it might even get you in trouble if you don’t drive your own car.

If the board is inside the car you have to be careful with the car’s upholstery. Sand and wax can become a headache. If you choose the “on the car” option, you can give a hand with that. No doubt about it, the surfboard car racks are the best way to take your surf gear to the water.

Most car racks for surfboards are affordable and easy to use. Surfboard roof racks provide two key things when riding to the waves. One thing is comfort as boards won’t bother inside the car. Also, roof racks keep your rear and side view driving angles clear and everyone inside the car safe.

The best surfboard car racks

When choosing the best surfboard car rack systems know that are two types: hard rack and soft rack surfboard.

Hard racks are a good option for the people who try to avoid, at any cost, direct contact of the board with the car’s roof. If you have roof rails on your car, this is the way to go.

A friend asked me once: are soft roof racks good for surfboards? Soft surfboard racks for cars use soft pads to avoid the boards direct contact with the car’s roof. Personally, I like the soft racks. That’s because they can be mounted and dismounted quite fast and easy, you can do it yourself in minutes.

Surfboard car racks are compatible with short or long boards, board bags or naked surfboards. When buying a surfboard car rack system, there are many brands to choose from. Think about how often you’ll use them and the conditions in which they’ll be used. Also, keep in mind that you’ll get what you pay for!