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Surfboard bike racks, bicycle surf racks or just board bike racks

“…to keep your surfboard secure while you bike to the surf spot.” – surffantic / Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

The surfboard bike rack has a simple, but important mission: to keep your surfboard secure while you bike to the surf spot. Why would you bike to the waves? Well, some surf spots are within a long walking distance and biking will take you there easier and faster. Not to mention that is an excellent warm-up!

We all have ridden a bike with a surfboard tucked under our arm before. With a surfboard rack for bike, things change. The risk of the undesired unpredictable is significantly reduced.

What is the best surfboard rack for bike?

The answer is simple. Like always, is the one that suits you best. If you ask yourself how to choose a bicycle surfboard rack think about the tasks it should accomplish.

  • It keeps you board steady and safe
  • It’s easy to install and take off
  • Doesn’t affect your biking

Surfboard racks for bikes types

There are different types of surfboard bike racks. Depending on the way they’re mounted they are:

  • side-mounted
  • rear-mounted
  • upright-mounted.