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Surfboard fins, board fins or just fins

Surf beginner fins’ guide

It seems like surfboards spend so much time in the water that they must have fins. When you step into the world of surfing it’s normal to have a lot of questions regarding fins. Do all surfboards have fins? Do surfboard fins make a difference? What are the best surf fins? At surffanatic we have everything about surf fins explained for the surf begginers out there.

“….surfboards spend so much time in the water that they must have fins.” – surffanatic / Photo by Michael Olsen on Unsplash

What are surfboard fins and what do they do?

A surfboard fin is nothing more than a “hydrofoil” attached at the tail of a surfboard. Board fins are that shark looking, upside-down fins at the tail of the board. You’ve seen fins for surfboard before, but there’s so much about them I’m sure you didn’t know.

What are surfboard fins made of? They are mostly made of plastic. Also, fins can be made of fiberglass or chemical resin composites. Some are made from natural material like wood or bamboo.

Do surfboard fins really matter? They do! A lot! Fins provide more stability and control. Due to the fins you can steer on your board without falling. Also, you can control direction just by moving your body side-to-side on your board. They give lateral lift to the board that helps you gain a stable trajectory needed in riding sideways on the wall of the wave, or when riding barrels.

Some of the best beginner surfboards out there

We encourage you to explore and understand everything about surf board fins. From their history to types of fins, every single article will help you gain more knowledge. This knowledge will ultimate help you with how to choose the best fins for you.

Learn once, know forever!