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Cold surfing a.k.a when “the winter is coming”

“Cold climate didn’t stop humans to adapt and didn’t stop surfers from riding waves.” – surffanatic / Photo by Autri Taheri on Unsplash

When “the winter is coming”, the cold surfing requires other essentials compared to warm surfing. Now let’s say you’re not on that heavenly island. Maybe where you are it’s not sunny 360 days a year and the water is not warm at all. If you are not Wim Hoff, these cold surf essentials will keep your surf session just as it should be: amazing!

What are the surfing essentials?

The cold surfing essentials are the ones that make your surf session in cold to freezing water more pleasent. First thing first, put a surf suit on, dude! It’s the essential number one. That’s right, a surf wetsuit will keep you longer in the water.  A summer wetsuit or a winter wetsuit? Well, it depends when and where you’re surfing.

If it’s really cold, then some surf booties and surf gloves will help. Most of the body heat is released through the head so don’t forget a surf hood or a neoprene beanie. Don’t forget that the wetsuit also needs more than a rinse, so once in while give it a good wash with an ecofriendly wetsuit shampoo.

Learn once, know forever!

Who needs the cold surfing essentials and why?

Anyone who wants to surf in cold to freezing water needs these cold surfing essentials. If you identify yourself in this group of surfer then you need the cold surf essentials too. The cold surfing essentials needed depend on how cold the environment you expose your body to is. Also, depends on how you deal with the cold! You might need a wetsuit, but not surfing boots, surfing gloves or hoodie.

Why do you need the cold surfing essentials? Because surfing without these basic essentials for cold surfing your body will loose heat way faster than normal. That will make your surf session less enjoyable and expose yourself to hypotermia and other coldwater surfing risks.

When and where are the cold surfing essentials needed?

Cold climate didn’t stop humans to adapt and didn’t stop surfers from riding waves. Some surf spots are cold all year long, others only during winter. Regardless when and where you surf on the planet, if the water is getting cold enough that it’ll make you wanna get out of it, it means you need the cold surf essentials on.

How to choose your cold surfing essentials?

Same as war surfing essentials, cold surfing essentials are chosen depending on different factors. Once again, these factors apply for surfing beginners, indermediate or advanced surfers. Based on real-world facts we summarized these factors as it goes:

0. Understand the cold surfing essentials

We can’t say this enough: understand first. Ask yourself what you need and why you need it! Explore and understand these essentials in the “Learn once, know forever!” section. then, you’ll just know what you need!

1. Money

Once again, everything depends on how and what you want to spend your money on. Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. Also, the same thing with a brand name on it costs more.

2. Where you surf

Where do you surf? When it comes to cold environment, the water temperature is a determining factor ragarding the gear you need. Colder it is, warmer you need to stay! That translates in inches added to the thinckness of the protection layers: wetsuit, boots, gloves and hoodie.

Wrap up

Let’s wrap things up! The cold surfing essentials needed when surfing in a cold environment are: wetsuit vest, wetsuit or both depeding how cold it is; wetsuit boots, wetsuit gloves, wetsuit hoodie or beanie. These essentials mentioned in this article are needed in a cold climate or time of the year. To make sure you choose the right ones for you, we advise you to visit “Learn once, know forever!” section of this article.