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Surfing made simple for the surfing beginners

“Surfing helps you grow and it gives you peace like few things in this human experience do.” – surffanatic

Everything you need to know starting with surfing basics

At we make surfing for beginners as simple as possible. If you’re really interested in how to learn to surf and the world of surfing, then you came to the right place! Based on personal experience and research we put together a complete guide to surfing for surfing beginners. You’ll find here the information we wish we had when we started exploring surfing.

From surfer to surfer, we’ll share everything with you – a surfing beginner who wants to learn how to surf or an intermediate surfer who wants to know more. The rest is in your hands; it’s you who decides how far wants to go to learn surfing. We’ll be honest with you: surfing is simple, but it’s not easy. One thing is for sure: learning how to surf will make you want to know, to do and to be more.

The beauty of surfing is grasped as it opens a world of possibilities in front of you. It challenges you with every surf session; it makes you physically fit and mentally strong, emotionally and spiritually balanced. It makes you grow and it gives you peace like few things in this human experience do.

Understanding the surfing gear as a surf beginner

Anyone who surfs can tell you that surfing is magic by itself, and you can learn how to surf without knowing much about it. However, when you explore the surfing history, when you understand where surf and surf accessories come from and how they work, everything changes.

As a surfing beginner, as soon as you take the surfing red pill, you won’t look at a surfing gear the same way. Everything makes more sense and with each day you will love surfing and enjoy it more and more. And yes, you’ll become better and better at it!

Explore and become knwoleadgeble

When you dive into the world of surfing, understanding the surfing essentials will help you advance easier and faster. Warm surfing is a bit different from cold surfing, so are the esentials needed. Your surfing gear requires to be taken care of, so proper carry ans storage information is really helpful.

We advise you to explore each one of the sections below; exploring leads to knowing and understanding. The best part of it? If you do it with an open mind and open heart, you need to do it only once. You do it once and it stays with you forever!

Learn once, know forever!